Trust every user.

Apozy checks the cybersecurity risk of people in
your workforce, stops web-borne attacks and
adapts infrastructure.

Immunize your workforce against web-borne attacks like phishing, malvertising, and social engineering.

Web-borne attacks are on the rise. Apozy sandboxes sites to stop attacks like phishing, ransomware, doxware, data leaks, data-injection, and malware.

From Verizon 2016 DBIR

Apozy's Trusted Browsing Stack

Five security products. One powerful package.

The Apozy Trusted Browsing Stack combines endpoint protection, assessment, awareness, anomaly detection, predictive risk modeling, attribution, phishing simulation and campaign management into a powerful security solution for your business.

Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, cross-product data integration helps your enterprise gain useful insights and stop emerging threats.

beenhere Apozy Security Checkup

Deliver the most impactful awareness through AI-Driven assessments that can measure and predict 5,650 risky security behaviors across 200+ risk categories per person in 5 minutes.

location_on Apozy Risk Map

Track emerging risks, security behaviors, anomalies and point-of-failure. Tailor risks to meet your business goals and compliance.

picture_in_picture Apozy Site Sandbox

Deploy our browser extension to make every site safer for your workforce.

code Apozy API

Create adaptive infrastructure by integrating Apozy risk data with your SIEM, or other applications.

mouse Automated Phishing Campaigns

Run campaigns to see who clicks on phishing links in your workforce.

The Apozy Advantage

Stop threats other solutions miss, even from unknown sources.

Stop undetectable attacks like social engineering, phishing, and malware by auto-establishing a network of trusted sites unique to each user.

It only takes a few seconds to make your company more secure.

Apozy integrates with systems you already use, like Google Apps (GSuite), allowing you to deploy to your entire workforce in seconds.

Don't worry about how users browse, or what they click online.

Apozy’s protection is delivered through a lightweight browser extension that leverages native sandboxing to protect every site without impacting page performance.

Stop attacks before they get through.

Apozy works constantly and silently in the background, sandboxing browser activity as it happens and locking down unusual behavior.

Services & Support

Dedicated Apozy Support

Support from our friendly security team is part of the Apozy Platform. It's all covered in your service level agreement.

Onboarding made easy.

One-click deployment with your Google managed domain.

Dedicated services.

Our experts can be a natural extension of your security, IT, and compliance teams, devoted to your success every step of the way. We're happy to train your security developers, security admins, and awareness leads.

Secure data.

Our application & network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations and compliance.

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