Go Proxy-less to Future-proof SSL Inspection

Take direct action on incidents as soon as they occur and investigate data with no slow downs.

Investigate URL & Requests - Without Breaking SSL

No slow downs, no proxies, no configs. Instantly see incident data and easily forward it to your favorite analysis tool. By deploying to the browser, we don’t have to break SSL to inspect traffic—Airlock reports full, unencrypted URLs and metadata without passing traffic through a gateway. Unlike other tools, our unique approach prevents internet slow-downs and security weaknesses.

Threat Hunting is Too Slow - 10x Faster Resolution

Unravel issues faster with intelligent timelines and data. When you get an incident alert, we automatically make a visual timeline of user, machine and request information that would normally take a skilled analyst hours to complete. This helps you see the whole picture, making it easy to understand how an attack unfolded—and how to prevent the next one.

More than Insight - Direct Action

Take direct action on threats and compliance issues. With Airlock, you can specify blocking with expressive URL patterns and rules, auto-assign issues to your security teams, and create security policies for different people in your organization. Instead of providing information on how to remediate a problem, we solve it with the click of a button.

Don’t Miss an Incident - Alerts Anywhere

Get notified the exact moment an incident occurs, straight from your favorite applications and alerting services. Airlock integrates with the tools you already use to allow direct action from anywhere, and supports all forms of SSL to ensure your data stays yours.

Don’t Worry About the Future - Focus on Now

More apps are using SSL pinning to prevent inspection—in the future, it will be harder to access URL data using proxy-based inspection. Similarly, many companies are pushing for use of DNS over SSL to improve privacy, so DNS-based security tools will no longer work. With Apozy Airlock, you still get access to URL data regardless of changes to encryption standards—and always will.

See how Apozy provides instant security for GSuite users.

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