Make every site safe to browse

The most targeted companies around the world rely on Airlock — Apozy’s Browser Defense Platform — to automatically disarm dangerous websites at time-of-click using Native Browser Isolation.

The Browser Defense Platform ❤️

A fully unified suite of cyber security products

We bring together everything that's required to beat fraudulent websites and online activities that lead to newsworthy breaches at your company.

Our platform disarms dangerous websites with Native Browser Isolation and automatically hunts and takes down phishing sites imitating your brand.

Industry Tested and Proven

Apozy’s leadership is recognized in analyst and academic reports with near-zero false positive rates.


  • "If everyone installed this, security on the internet would be solved overnight."

    Partner at Y-CombinatorJared
  • "Actually helps ID and prevent phishing sites from taking your credentials."

    Sr. Software Engineer at Palto Alto NetworksDan
  • "Simple and effective protection."

    CTO & Founder at Lookout Mobile SecurityKevin
  • "This makes for a frictionless deployment and requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, which I think is really cool."

    CEO & Founder at WebgapGuise
Easy deployment

Future-proof & scales with your business

No complicated encryption-breaking-proxies to setup.

Deploy a lightweight browser extension more powerful than any proxy to protect your entire business in less than a minute.

Developers love us ❤️

Integrate with existing tools

We made it easy for you to bring the power of the world's largest Visual Threat Database into your existing tools.

Protect your customers with an easy-to-use API that can determine if a URL is malicious in real-time.

Never worry about dangerous URLs again

Email proxies are not enough to avoid devastating newsworthy breaches.

Deploy in less than a minute

Join our global network of security-minded companies to protect your employees, customers and brand.