Protect the World One URL at a Time

Apozy's Airlock is a cybersecurity platform that uses Native Browser Isolation to make URL's safe to browse at time-of-click.

Never worry about dangerous URLs.

The Browser Defense Platform ❤️

Stop phishing and modern attacks at time-of-click.

A lightweight browser extension deployed across your organization and more powerful than any proxy.

Industry Tested and Proven

Apozy’s leadership is recognized in analyst and academic reports with near-zero false positive rates.


  • "If everyone installed this, security on the internet would be solved overnight."

    Partner at Y-CombinatorJared
  • "Actually helps ID and prevent phishing sites from taking your credentials."

    Sr. Software Engineer at Palto Alto NetworksDan
  • "Simple and effective protection."

    CTO & Founder at Lookout Mobile SecurityKevin
  • "This makes for a frictionless deployment and requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, which I think is really cool."

    CEO & Founder at WebgapGuise

Apozy + Google

Apozy is a Google Cloud Partner. Deploy to Google Business customers in 53 seconds, making it easy to unlock a safer, cleaner, and faster browsing experience while making every link safe to click

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