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Use the Airlock Browser Defense Platform to disrupt phishing and malware delivery kill chains and protect your brand from impersonators.

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Never worry about dangerous URLs.

The Browser Defense Platform ❤️

Stop phishing and modern attacks at point-of-click.

Apozy's Airlock is a complete cybersecurity platform that makes every URL safe to visit.

Start protecting your workforce, brands and customers. Fully automated and real-time.

See events leading up to an incident, make policies for different groups and use Airlock's scanning API's to automatically stop dangerous URL's. 😮

Phishing Goes Beyond Email

Secure Every Link

Stop phishing, malicious scripts, bad downloads, and target advertising without breaking the user’s experience. Native browser Isolation stops attacks by sandboxing every malicious link at point of click without interruptions.

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Don't be Blind to Threats

Get Visual Insight

First-of-it’s kind visual data stops cyber attacks as they occur. Airlock uses our visual data to create a seamless browsing experience and diversify your detection. Our visual scans billions of sites daily and accounts for context within the browser in order to identify malicious sites in real time—even if they’ve never been reported or seen before.

Fewer Distractions

More Productivity

Security that doesn’t change user workflow.  Unlike proxies and SWGs, Airlock doesn’t need to pass internet traffic through a proxy, so pages load as fast as usual. Our ad block filters annoying and dangerous ads—by blocking malicious content that proxies can’t and removing useless content. Your users have never known a cleaner, faster internet.

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Deploying Isn’t Just Easy

It’s Automatic

Deploy and enroll everyone in under a minute. Deploy Airlock to every browser instantly with your Google Admin console. Protect everyone beyond the corporate firewall without installing an agent, configuring a proxy, or modifying policies. User enrollment occurs automatically, and reflects your company structure. When it’s time for updates, they occur silently—without the need to re-install.

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Manage Your Users

Generate Detailed Reports

Quickly see the security posture of everyone using a browser. Airlock’s cloud app generates reports around what matters most - every detail of every incident that occurs in the browser. Customize and see a complete picture in moments.

Investigate URL & Requests

Without Breaking SSL

See data you’ve never had access to without compromising security. With Airlock, SSL isn’t broken to inspect traffic—report full, unencrypted URLs and metadata without passing traffic through a gateway. Unlike SSL inspection proxies, our proprietary technology prevents internet slow-downs and security weaknesses.

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Weed Out the Hidden Threat

Malicious Extensions

Stop data leakage and rogue Chrome extensions. Stay on top of compliance, abuse and privacy by monitoring all installed add-ons. Airlock is the only available application that audits and blocks bad Chrome extensions in one location.

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10x Faster Threat Resolution

See the Full Context

Resolve issues at lightspeed with intelligent timelines and data. Airlock automatically creates a visual timeline of the user, machine and request information when an incident occurs. Instantly generating information that would normally take a skilled analyst hours to complete. Making it easy to understand how an attack unfolded—and how to prevent the next one.

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Future-proof Your Security Architecture

Focus on the Now

Access URL data regardless of changes to encryption standards. The cloud applications you use most employ SSL pinning to prevent SSL inspection. In the future, it will be harder to access URL data using proxy-based inspection. Similarly, many companies are pushing for use of DNS over SSL to improve privacy, so DNS-based security tools will no longer be useful. Airlock gives you access to URL data regardless of ever-changing encryption standards.

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Use Visual AI

The Threat Intel You’re Missing

The most sophisticated attacks target the apps you use most, not in emails. Next-gen attacks use 1-to-1 copies of websites, making them as visually similar to the original as possible. These replicas can easily be detected using Airlock’s visual algorithm. Airlock’s threat intelligence is like no other, providing information about the similarities in visuals and metadata with no human review necessary. Airlock’s visual AI is scanning the internet so you don’t have to.

Attacks Use Visuals to Trick your Employees

Turn It Around On them

Enrich and protect your existing infrastructure with a petabyte-scale database. Airlock’s proprietary visual AI scans billions of sites, recording the visual look and feel of the cloud applications you use the most. This visual data creates a petabyte scale database that can be integrated into your infrastructure to power next-gen detection and protection.

Stop Next-Gen Attacks Anywhere

Deploy Without an Agent

Enrich hundreds of applications with a single API. Leverage Airlock’s petabyte-scale databases visual data that powers our platform anywhere you need threat intelligence. Connect our data with your security infrastructure in seconds.

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Apozy + Google

Apozy is a Google Cloud Partner. Deploy to Google Business customers in 53 seconds, making it easy to unlock a safer, cleaner, and faster browsing experience while making every link safe to click

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Industry Tested and Proven

Apozy’s leadership is recognized in analyst and academic reports with near-zero false positive rates.


  • "If everyone installed this, security on the internet would be solved overnight."

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    Sr. Software Engineer at Palto Alto NetworksDan
  • "Simple and effective protection."

    CTO & Founder at Lookout Mobile SecurityKevin
  • "This makes for a frictionless deployment and requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, which I think is really cool."

    CEO & Founder at WebgapGuise

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