Don't get hacked.

Apozy’s browser extension stops hacks, emails you if you get hacked and improves your privacy.

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Every site is safe to browse.

Transform dangerous websites into safer ones using technology that’s fast, lightweight, and always adapting.

* Mobile support for Firefox
on Android only, for now.

See how sites protect your privacy.

See every site’s privacy grade and know which ones use the latest security tech.

Know when you’re hacked.

Be notified when a website you use gets hacked and your information becomes visible to hackers.

share Build your own safety net.

Stop undetectable attacks like social engineering, phishing, and malware using our extension. Apozy only activates when it finds something suspicious.

fingerprint Prevent data leaks.

Make connections encrypted whenever possible for all sites you visit and browser extensions you install.

favorite Free as in freedom.

It’s free to install and use. It’s open-source. We only collect data if you give us permission.

Built by hackers, the good kind.

Apozy is developed by security professionals and with the help of the world's leading authorities in security technology.