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Discover the Apozy Security Ability Score of Everyone

Elena just joined her company and needs access to sensitive information. Without knowing her security ability, she’s a potential risk. Apozy quickly identifies Elana's Security Ability Score using exposure scanning and a security checkup. By knowing her score, security professionals can implement the proper access controls and reduce the potential for data loss and damage.

Integrate to Inform Security Policy

Thaddeus has a low Apozy Security Ability score, requiring Thaddeus to always use step-up multi-factor authentication for all critical assets. Apozy informs existing infrastructure and SOC teams on how to implement specific policy based on department and company goals.

Stop Credential Loss via Phishing

Joanne falls for phishing attacks frequently and Apozy has identified her as a risk. If Joanne is hacked, her company will suffer massive losses. Apozy’s browser plugin stops people from falling victim to credential harvesting and keeps sensitive credentials protected.

Communicate Security Improvement ROI

Tom starts his first Apozy Security Checkup and completes it with a moderate score. Once his cyber security risks are identified and Tom is given awareness training, his score begins to improve. By utilizing actionable items, Apozy reduces risk and makes security change happen autonomosly, allowing security professionals the ability to communicate proven ROI.

Adjust Risk Tolerances to Fit Your Needs

Patrick works in the Finance department and he has high-risk information at his fingertips. With the click of a link, data could be lost and reputation tarnished. Apozy allows companies to adjust their Security Models to match their risk tolerances and departmental concerns. Tailored Security Models ensure the most dangerous risks are mitigated most frequently.

Use Exposure Analysis to Discover Risks

Josh frequently uses social media at work to promote his company. He’s constantly utilizing new sites and these sites become new attack vectors. Apozy continually adapts to the changing threat landscape by identifying and mitigating new attacks on the fly. By updating to the current state of security, security administrators use Apozy to mitigate their external footprint and squash risks as quickly as they appear.

Map Your Security Risks for Everyone

Ron is a security administrator and continually monitors the security of posture his company. Ron’s biggest concern is his biggest liability - the people. Apozy identifies over 200 cyber security risks and delivers them in a simple dashboard. By understanding what risks are prevalant, companies can adjust policy and infrastructure to protect the biggest problem areas.

Tailored and Specific Awareness

Boris continually skips security awareness training and his Apozy Security Ability score shows he’s not well versed in security. Apozy eliminates boring security awareness by providing only the information that’s most necessary. By utilizing engagement methods and having action items, Apozy enables quick digestion of security information.

Secure Your Workforce

Predict and fix bad cybersecurity behavior in your workforce.

Neutralize phishing and malware attacks against employees.

Apozy's browser plugin prevents credential loss and blocks malware installation at the point of failure. It also uses your existing security infrastructure to implement policy changes at the individual user level.

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Touch Points

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Know the security level of everyone in your workforce in under 10 minutes.

Understand your human security posture immediately with Apozy's nine-minute security checkup, which assesses individuals with simulations of real-world attacks. The checkup is delivered via the Apozy plugin or email.

Find your organization's phishing risks by using Apozy Sashimi to send simulated phishing emails.

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Mitigate your biggest security risks.

Apozy delivers knowledge to the individuals who need it most, decreasing security incidents without dry training. Individuals at high risk are informed more frequently, while low risk individuals are contacted less often.

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Show progress and ROI customized for your company.

Select from 200 security risks, weight them for your organization, and set custom goals by department - then see progress toward them in real time. Download your Apozy data with one click for tool success analysis and auditing.

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Bringing the Human Element Back to Security

Leverage the power of automation while giving you the flexibility to easily personalize each and every touch to reflect your company culture.

Bringing the Human Element Back to Security

Leverage the power of automation while giving you the flexibility to easily personalize each and every touch to reflect your company culture.

Calibrate the severity of each cybersecurity risk and our models will adjust to match what's important in your company.

With the backing of leading investors, we’re making the world a safer place for work and personal data.

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