Apozy Partners

It’s easy to offer Apozy Airlock to your customers. Our goal is to increase managed security service providers’ (MSSPs’) capabilities and customer confidence by offering a platform for browser protection, and insights with in-browser data.

Accelerate Your Business

Identify and
 prevent threats before they happen - while maximizing profitability.

Boost User Satisfaction

Our protections don't bother users or get in their way so they can focus on their to-do list.

Protect Every User in Seconds

Instant Deployment

Airlock deploys as a browser extension in 53 seconds with 0 enrollment time.

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Block Ads Beyond Domains

Centrally Managed Ad Block

Our centrally-managed cosmetic ad blocker shields users from malicious content and eliminates overhead.

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Protection that Thinks Visually

Native Browser Isolation

Protect anyone, anywhere—instantly. With native sandboxing powered by visual data, every user and browser is safe.

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Complete Data Access & Insight

Proxy-less URL Inspection

Airlock offers future-proof URL inspection that provides automatic visual timelines of incidents as soon as they occur with direct resolutions and rich reporting.

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Support You Can Count On

Apozy provides partners with the marketing and tech support they need from our experts. Our cloud infrastructure is fully encrypted at rest and in transit with redundancy on AWS. We ensure outstanding uptime and reliability.

Current Partners

Distributor in India, RankSecure.


+91- 9773 444 007



Better Together

Join the Apozy Airlock MSSP Partners Program today to harness the next generation of protection and insight.