Native Browser Isolation

Protect anyone, anywhere—instantly. With native sandboxing powered by visual data, every user and every browser is safe.

Phishing Goes Beyond Email - Secure Every Link

Browser Isolation stops phishing, account takeover and malware. By sandboxing every malicious link at point of click, Airlock isolates users from online threats with no interruptions. Native Browser Isolation removes the need for configuration, a proxy, or managed infrastructure.

Don't be Blind to Threats - Get Visual Insight

Airlock uses visual data to create a seamless browsing experience and diversify your detection. Our visual model database accounts for context within the browser in order to identify malicious sites in real time—even if they’ve never been reported or seen before.

Malicious Extensions Are Everywhere - Weed Them Out

Malicious Chrome extensions are a hidden threat for every company. Stay on top of compliance, abuse and privacy by monitoring what’s installed with the only available application that monitors your Chrome extensions.

The Perimeter is Gone - Get Protection Everywhere

Traditional VPNs break or slow down on networks depending on the configuration of the operator—but Airlock works anywhere you have an internet connection, fitting perfectly into your zero-trust networking model.

Sites Using OAuth Can Steal Data - Catch Them Red-Handed

Sites that provide a service to your users with OAuth may be stealing their credentials. Stay on top of data abuse and privacy by monitoring site access to account information with OAuth, using the only application to audit OAuth usage.

See how Apozy provides instant security for GSuite users.

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