Preventing Ads, Malvertising, and Tracking

Apozy Airlock eliminates overhead and makes blocking malicious content easier than ever.

Stop Malvertising

User devices can be infected through malicious ads, even if they are served through legitimate sites. Apozy Airlock blocks ads across your entire organization using flexible filter settings and auto-categorization—and with no DNS filter or extension management. Whereas DNS ad block only blocks domains, cosmetic ad block prevents dangerous client-side attacks and blocks full URLs. Stop malvertising and create a faster, safer internet experience.

Using Client-Side Ad Block

Our extension not only protects users—it also acts as a client-side ad block. Just select the Airlock extension in the upper right hand side of the browser and use the large power button to turn ad blocking on and off after refreshing. The ads are cosmetically removed from the page; this prevents dangerous client-side attacks and provides a cleaner user experience. Regardless of setting, users are always protected.

Blocking and Filtering

Easily block full URLs or auto-categorized website with the click of a button, protecting your entire organization in seconds. Content filters typically rely on predetermined lists, while Airlock dynamically scans malicious sites and blocks them. Apply the rules to specific groups or users, with the flexibility to suit your needs.

Protect Your Marketing Team

The only way to block malvertising 100% is through ad block—but marketing teams need access to ads in order to help run your business. Apozy is able to selectively block malvertising domains based on our known threat graph and database of known online threats. We keep your marketing team safe while still surfacing the ads they need.

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