Hello, we are Apozy.

By Erhan on April 30, 2015

About Us

Located in San Francisco, Apozy is a motley crew of passionate hackers building cyber security technologies to help you understand and control your online privacy, data and digital activities.

Privacy and Security is Important.

For the first time in human history an entire generation of people will have their complete lives detailed online. Experiences, thoughts, and relationships throughout one's life will be instantly accessible, never forgotten and forever analyzed.

The abuses and risks are obvious. Corporations lose your secretshackers can rob 170 million bank accounts, and the government is spying on you. You need control over how much of your information is revealed and to whom. Beyond avoiding abuse, this allows you to experiment with your ideas, creations and relationships without fear of judgement.

Ultimately, you give information it's value by attaching meaning and intent to it. Security infrastructure is often left out-of-the-loop like a stranger who doesn't understand your inside joke. That's why we take a different approach to security.


We empower you to make better security decisions. Less things in your way, more control over your data and improved resilience against threats.

Feel free to check out our homepage for a demo.

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by Erhan

About Apozy

Founded in April of 2014 in San Francisco, we are a venture-backed motley crew of passionate hackers building cybersecurity technologies to make the world's information faster, cleaner and safer to access.