Airlock, the Browser Defense Platform

The world’s first all-in-one solution to spot, isolate, and protect you from never-seen-before cyber threats online. Deploy across your network in less than a minute and create a malware-free, phish-free environment for everyone.

The Problem

Cyber attacks are more than phishing campaigns and suspicious emails. They’re coordinated, targeted efforts to thwart security defenses and evade detection. Yet for many, how these attacks have evolved remains a mystery. Learn more about next generation attack tactics and how they can wreak havoc on your company.

Cyber Attacks are Everywhere

Your web browser has become your gateway to thousands of emails opened, websites explored, and files downloaded. With it, thousands of malicious ads, phishing sites, dangerous downloads, and rogue browser extensions. Attacks created to harm your business have moved out of email and into the browser.

The Next Generation of Phishing

Hackers create phishing and spear phishing attacks that evade filters by blacklisting the software solutions on the internet from detecting them. Sophisticated, target spear phishing attacks often are online for less than an hour, with tricky rotating domains and mutating delivery payloads on the fly.

Your Security Team is Tired

Thousands of attacks strike their targets every minute. It’s difficult to keep track of them, leaving nothing but chaos and false positives for security admins to try to make sense of.

Billions of Dollars in Brand Losses

With one accidental click, your company is leaking sensitive data, handing over their credentials, or infecting devices with dangerous software. With one interaction gone wrong, data breaches in your company are capturing headlines and permanently damaging your brand.

Introducing Airlock

Airlock is a complete cybersecurity toolchain, or “Browser Defense Platform”, for making every URL safe to click. Airlock’s browser defense ensures that when email filters and client apps are ineffective, attacks are stopped at the point of failure. Only Airlock can provide data, isolation, and protection without affecting your user experience at all.

Unparalleled Protection & Monitoring

Your organization’s browsers are monitored in real-time using a global data network to isolate bad sites, report on malicious extensions, and stop malicious ads from a central location. See a complete trace of what sites and ads are targeting your business, behind SSL. Airlock provides the lowest false positive rate in the business, because we’re powered by a global network of sensors. We scan over 3.5B sites on the internet and grow with every deployment.

Trusted By All

Trusted by international businesses, Apozy protects $158B of assets and is proud to be a Google Technology Partner.

Get Started Right Now

Integrate Airlock’s Visual Intelligence into your own applications to instantly make URLs safe for your customers. Airlock gives you complete control and visibility into the protection browsers in your organization, no matter where they are.