Sandboxing and Isolating Malicious Sites

Stop phishing, account takeover and malware with Native Browser Isolation.

Browser Isolation Challenges

Browser-based attacks are increasing in frequency. Gartner estimates that 98% of external information security attacks are carried out over the public internet, and 80% of those attacks are targeted at end users through their browsers. They recommend browser isolation technologies as one of the most effective ways that an enterprise can reduce web-based cyberattacks against its users. However, remote browser isolation is expensive to scale and a hassle to set up. Apozy Airlock uses native browser isolation, which scales from 2 employees to 200,000 with no hassle and protects everyone from web-based attacks in a cost-effective manner.

Deploying Apozy NoHack

Attackers act quickly—you should too. Deploy instantly to every browser using your existing Google Admin console, and see results immediately. User enrollment occurs automatically, with your company structure intact, to ensure that everyone is protected. Extend security beyond the corporate firewall without installing an agent, configuring a firewall, or modifying policies.

Protecting Every Link

Native browser isolation leverages technology that’s already built into browsers to deliver a safe, sandboxed environment. When a user encounters a malicious link, the page is rendered read-only; they are able to view the page normally and are only alerted when they try to interact with it. We don’t bother users unless absolutely necessary, and we don’t block their workflow. If a user unlocks a page, you are immediately alerted through the application or service of your choice.

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