Chrome Extension Management & Analytics

Gain visibility into what extensions are in use and block malicious activity.

The Dark Side of Chrome Extensions

Many businesses looking to use advanced technology for their browser and email are increasingly choosing G Suite and Chrome for Business & Enterprise. As the number of companies using Google’s services increases, attacks against Chrome become more prevalent and sophisticated—including malicious extensions. In order to stay on top of extensions that steal data, install dangerous software, or break compliance, it’s crucial to know what extensions are running in the first place.

Monitoring Your Extensions

To establish a monitoring and blocking procedure, you first need to audit your extensions. Traditionally, this requires scripts to run repeatedly and a malware detection system to delete extensions every time they’re added. That means a perpetual cycle of delete and re-install or scripts that typically break after updates and only work on Windows environments. Airlock lets you know what extensions are being run inside your business—by anyone, anywhere—with data that provides insight into potential malware threats and data loss, as well as policy and compliance violations.

Analyze Extension Usage & Risks

Extract insights about extension usage in our Analytics view. Create exportable reports about extensions based on different groups or individual users. For more information about the security and permissions of an extension, click the risk score in our Extensions view to see detailed reports from CRXcavator.

Firewall for Unwanted Extensions

Once you identify extensions you want to block in the Extensions view, use our one-click fix to disable the add-on, ensure your data stays safe and malware is neutered. This control can be applied to any individual or group listed in your admin panel, allowing you specific control across your organization.

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