Responding to Chromebook Incidents

Gain full visibility into data around an incident.

Chromebook Benefits & Limitations

Chromebooks give users complete control of both system and software, which have a limited attack surface. Their only vulnerability is social engineering with browser-based attacks or malicious Chrome extensions. In order to combat these attacks, you need to know how they happen—but Chromebooks have limited data available from proxies or gateways due to certificate pinning and most files being stored in the cloud. With Airlock, you gain access to full URL and request data, without the use of a proxy or gateway.

What We Do

Apozy Airlock shows you exactly when an incident happened and how it occurred, including details about the email, device, and browser of the affected user and the exact click-time of failure. Gain at-a-glance insight into different attack types, such as a malicious download or download from unsupported file sharing, including the full URL visited.

Using NoHack

When you receive an incident alert, we automatically make a visual timeline of user, machine and request information. Requests leading up to the incident are displayed using full, unencrypted URLs and timestamps. Choose whether to log all of this data, or limit data logging to only when incidents occur.

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