Strengthening Chromebook Security

Protect your users from all attacks on ChromeOS devices, zero day or otherwise.

Chromebook Vulnerability

The Chromebook’s only vulnerability is social engineering, such as browser-based attacks or malicious Chrome extensions. Airlock’s isolation model stops these attacks in real time through sandboxing pages, extension management, and client-side ad block. Certificate pinning for Chromebooks prevents proper SSL inspection, but Airlock provides that data without a proxy, adding deep and precise protection.

Protecting Everyone in 53 Seconds

Use your Google Admin console to deploy Airlock to every browser in a matter of seconds, automatically enrolling users and keeping your company structure intact. When a user encounters a malicious link, get immediately alerted through the application or service of your choice. Head to the incidents section of the admin panel to see a visual timeline of requests and URLs, and take direct action right away.

Seeing the Attack & Taking Action

Get to the root of issues faster using intelligent timelines and data. When you get an incident alert, we automatically generate a visual timeline of user, machine and request information. Take action and specify blocking with expressive URL patterns and rules, auto-assign issues to your security teams, and create security policies for different people in your organization.

Discovering & Blocking Malicious Extensions

Airlock lets you know what extensions are being run by anyone, anywhere inside your business. Our dashboard and data allow you to generate reports across your entire organization, or drill in individually. Once you identify extensions you want to block, use our one-click fix to disable the add-on and ensure your data stays safe and malware is neutered. This control can be applied to any individual or group listed in your admin panel, allowing you specific control across your organization.

Using Centrally Managed Ad Block

We block ads across your entire organization with flexible filter settings and auto-categorization—without using DNS filter or management extensions. Content filters typically rely on predetermined lists, whereas Airlock dynamically scans malicious sites and blocks threats in real time. Easily block full URLs with the click of a button, protecting your entire organization in seconds.

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