Community Immunity from a Global Perspective

Join the Airlock community and stay one step ahead of zero-day attacks with our visual data and global network.

Detect Zero-Day Attacks with Visual Data

Companies that still rely only on signature-based antivirus risk a rapid spread of malware or phishing and miss the opportunity for early detection. Airlock NoHack uses neural networks to detect malicious sites in real time—even if they’ve never been reported or seen before. With our global sensor network, our visual model database gets more robust every day.

Stay Updated with Our Global Network

Our global network of sensors alerts you to malicious sites, even if your users have never encountered them. Each user in a company that uses NoHack is a sensor—and when a user another company detects a malicious site early, that data is shared with the rest of the network. The rest of the community can take necessary precautions against the malicious site before any other users encounter it.

Protect Yourself & Others

Early detection and information sharing allow for the whole Airlock community to prepare for phishing attacks and malvertising. As a result, users become immune to attacks from phishing sites and malicious ad networks. As the Airlock community grows, so does your protection.

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