Cross-Channel Defense

Airlock integrates with your email, Slack, and other services to establish a strong model of safe behavior and report on incidents.

Attacks are Moving Out of Email

Most of today’s protection tools rely on email filters. But phishing attacks are evolving out of email and into systems like Slack, social media, and CRM. These are powerful tools, and you shouldn’t be handcuffed to email due to security limitations. With Apozy Airlock, you can stop phishing attacks outside of email.

Airlock Goes Beyond Email

Airlock integrates with Slack to meticulously analyze and learn communication patterns, establish a strong model of safe behavior and incident reporting. When attacks come through shared links, they eventually end up in the browser—this is how Airlock stops attacks beyond email, in every app and channel. With each incident, your security model gains a data point and grows stronger.

Prevent Attacks in Real Time

Our AI draws info from your business’s communication models and from context within the browser to stops attacks in real time. If a site is flagged as malicious, your user receives an alert with details about why this site might be dangerous. They can then make an informed decision to unlock the site or stay protected.

Comprehensive Insight into Incidents

If a user unlocks a site, you are immediately notified so that you can check out the incident in the admin panel. You get a detailed timeline of the attack with data behind SSL, including which user was affected, the nature of the attack, and the user’s browsing history up until the attack with full URLs and request metadata.

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