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Apozy Airlock is a platform that provides deep, precise protection that works as an integral part of your browser security stack and data-driven insights to make every link safe.


Apozy presents Airlock - the first visually aware native browser isolation platform that delivers a safer, cleaner, and faster internet experience while protecting your users from all attacks, zero day or otherwise. Apozy Airlock is built on over 6 petabytes of visual data to prevent web attacks in real time before they cause damage. Apozy aims to provide the world's users with a safe, fast, ad-free internet, while respecting their privacy.

  • Date Launched: April 2014
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Press Contact: info@apozy.com
Protect Every Employee in Seconds

Instant Deployment

Airlock deploys as a browser extension in 53 seconds with 0 enrollment time.

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Block Ads Beyond Domains

Centrally Managed Ad Block

Our centrally-managed cosmetic ad blocker shields users from malicious content and eliminates overhead.

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Protection that Thinks Visually

Native Browser Isolation

Protect anyone, anywhere—instantly. With native sandboxing powered by visual data, every user and every browser is safe.

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Complete Data Access & Insight

Proxy-less SSL Inspection

Airlock offers future-proof SSL inspection that provides automatic visual timelines of incidents as soon as they occur with direct resolutions and rich reporting.

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  • "If everyone installed this, security on the internet would be solved overnight."

    Partner at Y-CombinatorJared
  • "Actually helps ID and prevent phishing sites from taking your credentials."

    Sr. Software Engineer at Palto Alto NetworksDan
  • "Simple and effective protection."

    CTO & Founder at Lookout Mobile SecurityKevin
  • "This makes for a frictionless deployment and requires no extra infrastructure, no added integration overhead, which I think is really cool."

    CEO & Founder at WebgapGuise

Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can reach out to us at info@apozy.com. We're happy to help!


  • Native browser isolation relies on technology that is already built into major browsers to deliver a sandboxed, safe environment. Specifically, it employs CSP headers to make malicious pages “read-only”. For more information, read our blog post.

  • Yes! With Apozy Airlock, you still get access to URL data regardless of changes to encryption standards—and always will. For more information, read our blog post.

  • Apozy deploys to all browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

  • Unlike DNS ad block, which only blocks domains, Airlock prevents dangerous client-side attacks with cosmetic ad block. Ads are completely removed from the page.